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Bringing awareness around the world to African Americans’ contributions to the automotive space, spanning 130 years. Advancing Black and People of Color’s intersection in the automotive industry and purchasing as a consumer.

The Tank University 201: Ed Davis; Americans Caring About Minority-Owned Dealerships

April 2021: African American Women’s Fitness Month; Black Women’s History Month; and Celebrate Diversity Month


In conjunction with The Tank Perry Show, African American Automotive History Uncovered hosts a Zoom Forum focused on women minority-owned automotive dealers and women-experts in the automotive space; speak out!

The live Zoom Forum is on April 27, 2021, at 2:30 pm Central Standard Time. 

Tank University 201: Payment Packing/Inflating/Increasing Part II

In Part I we discussed  what is a packed or inflated monthly payment. In Part II we discuss how it is done. How the sales associate and desking manager set the stage to increases the gross for the sales associate, management, and dealer. Additionally, we discussed how the dealership finance manager receives your deal jacket and adds a higher interest, warranties, rust-proofing, fabric sealant, tires for life, etc., to meet the payment you agreed to. This episodes gives you the information to act on. Enter the market with a plan and be specific. 

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Meet Tank

As a veteran, I transitioned from the military to medical school and immediately to car sales to feed my family. The automotive industry door created opportunities for me with AutoNation Inc., Enterprise Holdings, World Class Automotive Group, Reed Enterprises, and small minority-owned dealerships. The Tank Perry Show allows me to pay it forward to the UNDER REPRESENTED owners, experts, and consumers.


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Following 20 years in the retail automotive industry, I embarked on an educational journey, earning a Bachelor and Master of Arts in U.S. History. In turn, I was selected to the federal government’s Pathway Program and spent nearly five years with the Department of Homeland Security.  During my absence from retail, I felt a confusing loss but dared to return being conscious of the many disreputable identifiers associated with the industry.  Years earlier, at the height of my career, my daughter, then a sixth-grader, one day, returned home from school intensely crying.  Her teacher had gone on a tirade about dealerships and car salesmen and how they were crooks and should all be jailed. To follow, then and always, one question arose in my mind.  Could the retail automotive industry do better?

Over the years, I missed connecting with customers.  A couple dozen or so maintained contact with me, and through the years, occasionally, I assisted them and others in buying cars.  Stories circled of me helping good people buy cars. I’ve met many people; folks define me as possessing a big heart, too stubborn to fail, and my unmistakable voice (not always sure that’s a compliment). The “Tank” Perry Show is my way of giving back, join me as I carve out space to make a difference.

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Subscribe to any of the available platforms below. Tank is the Founder and host of The Tank Perry Show. He has been associated with the retail automotive industry for 30 years across both the private and corporate sectors. Perry is focused on bringing awareness to African Americans’ contributions, past and present, spanning over 187 years, to the automotive space. All Americans are encouraged to support minority-owned new and used dealerships and minority automotive experts in the industry. Tank wants to connect one person at a time to these minority-owned dealerships and experts in the industry.